Frontal Pod No.6

This pod is designed for the Brauniger IQCompeo and Flytec 5030 vario /GPS instrument.


- Design to be use on the speedbar, as well as on the downtubes.

- Improves the aerodinamics of the instrument and protects it from impacts.

- Made of strong fiberglass, very light in weight.

- Uses velcros to attach to the speedbar.

- Instrument attaches to the pod with a screw in the back (included)

- special tapes (3M - non abrasive) on the speedbar and the pod keep it in place. No droping.

- small hook for aditional safety.


Pod Price is US $120 (+ shipping)


Shipping information



(north, central and south america)


Rest of the world

(Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa)


Certified mail

(20 days shipping)







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Package includes :

- Pod

- Bag

- velcros

- screw

- tapes


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